Take the next step into immersive 3D audio

360° sound experience

dearVR let your audio become a full 360° sound experience for headphones. Hear sounds with elevation and front-back effects and create immersive acoustic environments with a true perception of direction, distance, reflections and reverb.

Natural sounding

dearVR adds reflections and reverb to your sounds that make the environment come alive. Our processing faithfully reproduces the acoustic spatial cues that would have naturally been received by the listener in a real-world environment.

 Easy & Efficient

dearVR comes with more than 45 versatile acoustic room presets and an optimized performance on all platforms. Our Reverb-Bus-System allows you decided how many audio sources your scene needs – and not your hardware.

Flamenco Guitar

by dearVR 3D audio reality engine | Recordings - Cologne University of Applied Scienes

Give your sounds a sense of place and reality



Place the listener in the center of the sound.

With dearVR the sound is no longer inside your head but out in the environment, where it belongs. Now you are able to provide your users with an immersive experience that reflects the real world more accurately than ever before.



Hear the environment.

dearVR uses real-time based reflections depending on your position in a room and simulates the acoustic characteristics of different materials. By this, you will hear when you’re next to a wall or a window. 



Experience natural sounding virtual acoustics.

dearVR includes more than 45 virtual acoustic room presets – from a small car to a huge church – for the most common production needs. All presets can be easily suited to fit to your scenes. Let your audio make the story world come alive.

Create the most immersive experience ever.


Redefining the value of game audio

Now you have the ability to provide a realistic 3D sound field around your player. Add a new dimension to gameplay and the player’s immersion into the storyworld.

Virtual Reality

Need for an accurate sonic experience

The whole point of Virtual Reality is about immersion. Our brain processes both – audio and visual information – with equal weight. That’s why it is so important to provide the user with an accurate sonic experience and that feeling of being there.

Linear Audio Production

Pre-Production, Music, Audiobooks & more

3D-Audio enriches all kinds of audio production with a new dimension. Whether game audio preproduction, music, audiobooks, film or any other – with our plugin for all common DAW’s you can produce immersive content for headphone use.

Out now!

Get the dearVR Asset for Unity.
Additional Versions for Unreal Engine, FMOD and Wise are coming soon!

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