Find some common questions about dearVR.
How many audio objects can i spatialize?

The amount of possible audio objects depend on the performance of your device/computer and the kind of Reverb Preset you select. Huge room presets like “cathedral” need more processing power than smaller ones like “ambience small”.

How to use the new performance mode?

The Performance Mode bypasses processing of spatialized audio sources if they are in idle state. Usually all audio sources with the Spatialize checkbox enabled will be processed by Unity, no matter if they are playing or not. To use the Performance Mode, you have to control your audio sources via scripts and use dearVRplay(), DearVRPlayOneShot (AudioClip) or DearVRPlayOnAwake flag.

Do you have a support forum?

Yes.You find further infos & support in the dearVR unity user forum.

See: http://forum.unity3d.com/threads/dearvr-3d-audio-reality-engine-released.393030/


Find tips for known issues.

From time to time audible dropouts occur.

Audio dropouts are a typical result of performance issues. Please check your DSP load in Stats Window. Reduce performance load by using Reverb Sends and Performance Mode.

Heavy DSP-Processing load with only a few spatial audio sources active.

Check if you have further (not playing) audio sources in your scene. Use the Performance Mode for each audio source.

Distant sound source are still audible in reverb.

Check settings for distance attenuation. Using the unity distance attenuation, the Reverb Zone graph is responsible for the Reverb Level over distance (for details see manual).

Error Xcode Bitcode.

Xcode Bitcode option is not supported yet. You have to disable Bitcode in the Xcode Build Settings / Build Options.


Find notable changes in new versions.

dearVR v1.1

– Changed Distance Correction range to [0.01 m – 10 m]- Changed Occlusion default to 0.6

– Changed Occlusion Update Intervall default to 0.2

– Changed Occlusion Raycast start to Audio Listener (was Camera before)

– Added Force Occlusion flag

– Added Mute (no processing) flag to Reverb Bus

– Added Performance-Mode: not processing spatial audio sources, that aren’t playing.

– Added Reverb Tail after stop in Performance-Mode (only useful for Internal Reverb)

– Solved bug in Windows on performance overload


Download the dearVR manual as pdf.

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