Developing 3D audio Plugins and custom software solutions for all platforms.


Creating games and interactive applications focussing on audio and narrative elements.

Sound Design

Offering sound design for VR, Games and 360° Film.

Achim Fell

Achim Fell

CEO and Co-Founder

Achim studied interactive applications and games and received a Master of Arts degree in Game Development and Research. As a sound engineer he used to work for radio play and film production.

Christian Sander

Christian Sander

CEO and Co-Founder

Christian is specialized in DSP development and spatial audio sound design. He has a degree in audio and video engineering and also worked as a lecturer in his field.

Our Story

Long before the dream of VR came true, two sound engineers with a long-held passion for 3D-audio and games founded Dear Reality to develop their vision of a 3D audio Plugin for different kinds of audio productions. And because they are also keen on games with innovative approaches of using sound and narrative elements, they started to create their own interactive applications, too.

Take a look at the first results in our portfolio.


Dear Maestro

3D audio serious music game 

Control a whole symphony orchestra with your hands. Enjoy and learn about your favorite music from classic to game soundtracks.


A new way of audio storytelling – for listening and playing!

Join a mystery thriller with immersive 3D audio. Over 90,000 downloads already. Available for iOS and Android in German language.


Arrange music and sound-related visuals.

Synse is an award winning visual music app for iOS and available on the App Store.

It includes three audio-visual sets you can choose to create your own synestatic experience!

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